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Coronavirus lockdown 2020, is this a good strategy? Sweden keeps calm...

Oppdatert: 16. april 2020

Cooperation and organization are key in the fight against a pandemic.

The new virus paralyzed people all over the world. Schools, public spaces and many workplaces have now been closed. In some countries, assemblies of up to two people are not allowed, and a specific purpose is required to leave the house. The police are trying to keep it under control. Most citizens have enough discipline to sit at home in order to minimize COVID 19 infections. Otherwise, the situation could rise to such a scale that it would overload the health care service and we could face the same fate as Italy. This strategy sounds logical and works for this case because it minimizing the number of infected people. However it affects negatively in many other aspects.

The reaction of the Swedish government concentrates on trying to limit the spread to elderly people.

Not all countries followed this model to fight the pandemic. For example Sweden which did not react the same way as most countries. In Sweden most people still go to work, the country is not blocked, borders are not closed. But it doesn’t mean the country ignores the problem and that there is no fight against the coronavirus.

The Swedish government appealed to their citizens for their own responsibility. They are asked to work from home if possible, to keep social distance, clean their hands often and most importantantly isolate old citizens which are in most risk to get coronavirus COVID 19. They are not allowed to have meetings above 50 people and there is a ban on visits to retirement homes. They have closed universities, but bars, clubs and restaurants are open if they serve close to the table. So people can keep taking care of their businesses as usual, and keep living a normal life without any panic or radical changes. Shops there are working normally and children go to basic level school and minischool.

Sweden is preparing for coronavirus patients by building additional hospital spaces in their cities.

Confidence in the collective responsibility of society

Sweden decided on the voluntary security measures of their citizens.

At a glance, we can think this is a bad idea and a way to get the same situation as Italy.

Here for sure matter cultural differences and Swedish people for sure have the ability to take seriously social distancing. We have to also remember how important for us in that time is a good immune system which is not easy to protect from being isolated in the stress of life change without the possibility for many outdoor activities.

More about Swedish strategy You can read here:


Strategy which try to protect not only from virus, but same time also from other dangers and consequences seems to be very rational.

Lockdown destroys the economy of the country and the financial situation of many people. But someone can ask why to have that risk? Do We want to risk someone’s lifes for the economy? Money is more important than people?

No, life is worth more than that, but human life is very dependent on the economy. The economy is web of depending on themself connections. If a local hairdresser can not work then He can not make income to pay for the rent of his local, when restaurants do not earn then suppliers not earn and farmers also lose etc. In last weeks We could observe how many companies terminated business activity or suspended it. Many people lost their jobs and when people earn less, living conditions get lower, they can not afford much and the economy slows down. Economy crisis touches the most the smallest. Any support from the government does not come from a magical source and it deeply affects in country's economy and together with that it touches their citizens.

But is it only about money?

Financial crises have an affection for the number of deaths

Crisis from 2008 was the reason for the extra 500.000 death for cancer because people who lost jobs had no money for cure treatment. In Greece the death rate raised to a few % in mostly elderly people group. More than 10.000 suicides were committed during the economic crisis. No job has affection for the health of society. Actual prognosis tells us that after coronavirus situation is waiting for us worse recession than it was in 2008.

Will the actual crisis be worse than one in 2008? 
Suicides after crisis in 2008:
Death rate in Greece after 2008r
Cancer after the crisis in 2008:

Lockdown in houses is effective because it reduces the actual death amount, but will it actually reduce or raise it in the long term? And this way helps to slow down the amount of diseases, but nobody can say that it can be stopped.

Percent of mortality on coronavirus at the start was also overestimated because of no medical preparation of china and Italy which got an unexpected situations. While other countries can expect it now they need to prepare for it as much as it is possible. So hard to believe in countries as France politics kept attention to use the situation for planned elections and even Poland is in time of the same dilemma and preparing letter system of voting instead to delay it.

What is the best strategic solution to move on from this situation? Virus will probably not disappear suddenly, the vaccine can not be approved in under 1 year. Lockdown can not be handled forever. People can not suddenly be allowed to go out because then all what was done would go for nothing. Fair and stress, isolation also has an impact on our immune system which We should care about now the most. Maybe people should be allowed to go out gradually and back to work, first by groups which are less in risk and to keep care for older people with isolating them and giving the right medical and supplies care during that time.

We need to remember that situation of each country is different and touch their citizens in a different way. Ukraina already declares that if they will not get a loan from IMF they will declare bankruptcy.

IMF loans helps to solve Economic Problems? 
Help or advantages of time of crizis? 
Does the IMF cause civil war? Ebook ntnu.no
Debt and Entanglements Between the Wars Ebook
IMF announces 2020 brings worst economic crisis since 1930s depression...

The economic crisis was one of the big reasons which cause World War 2, while after World War 1 happened the Spanish flu pandemic which killed a huge part of the population. After WW1 Most of Germany's reparations payments were funded by loans from American banks. Germany during “The great depression” got loans from central banks and American financial institutions (BBH and UBC) what made the ability to finance the war.

There are many negative effects and threats caused by problems in the economy of the country.


As We know this virus can be asymptomatic on many people so they may not even realize they have it. For making tests Sweden use medical forces only for serious cases and health workers. And also randomly tests on groups of residents to assess the level of the situation. This strategy sounds very logical and responsible. Since even if the country will make tests on everyone it seems pointless and waste of medical time if in the near future one person from outside can bring a virus and all would need to start again. Sooner or later We will have to deal with virus anyway and the organization of medical time is now most important also to protect it and to expand it.

The way how to manage the time of medical forces in the country is also very important to not make hospitals busy for nothing while they are needed for daily health problems which did not stop because of coronavirus pandemic. Til now is heard that in some countries many operations in hospitals get canceled, we can imagine that patients can get less attention about their sickness because hospital workers are overused now because of coronavirus. Some sources show even that death rate on other ills increased.

Testing action of all people may have sense in islands which are easy to separate from incoming people.

Countries do not report deaths due to Covid-19 in the same way

It is very troublesome to assess the number of deaths if there are voices straight from doctors from many countries about the fact that deaths also include deceased people who had a positive test result for Covid-19 but died not necessarily because of it.

"The statistics show the number of people in Sweden who have died with Covid-19. That's everyone who has died after testing positive for the virus; it doesn't mean that the virus itself was a cause of death for all these cases." read more
Comparison of mortality in Europe now vs years before

In time of waiting for what next...

Now when We should stay at home and follow the government's instructions. That doesn’t mean that we can not give questions and disquieting about it.

What if Sweden is not smarter in strategy, but wrong and irresponsible. Maybe in the long term we will see things from a higher perspective and get to know what was best to do for the country to protect their citizens.

Criticized much Sweden may deal earlier with virus and get over it earlier. While in other places it will still rise there it may calm down like rain after the storm.

Other countries may start to deal more with virus when they can not afford to keep lockdown any longer and the problem will start when the government slowly will let people back to normal life. Soon schools in some countries will be again open and we can expect that cases of coronavirus infections will rise. So it may in result end up that solution of freezing country made more damage than it protected. We will have to observe the situation in future years to know it.

Back to the roots!

It should also be remembered that natural selection not only meets our species. And our current passivity has a beneficial effect on the environment. Let us hope that the resulting situation will lead to some conclusions and we will begin to respect our natural resources, stop exploiting, wasting and reckless waste. Let's appreciate, respect nature

and try to understand that less is more. Start to buy only things we really need, learn to reuse more and concentrate on things which really matter before our life passes away.

We all think We can not change much, but together We can a lot. Do not be part of that what is not moral, abusive and cruelty for nature and all living creatures. Let's learn the source of our food and objects, and how we influence the environment. Now is the perfect time to feel that we are not masters of the world, but only a part of it with which we should live in harmony and not against it. We shall not create imbalances in nature.

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Travel locally to support Norwegian Tourisme Eat in local restaurants Support Norwegian companies which had troubles with sale because of epidemy. If You need imported products then choose quality. Waste less.

Epidemics of the last 100years:

  • 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic H1N1

at least 500 million people — one-third of the global population — became infected. At least 50 million people died.

  • 1957 Asian flu pandemic H2N2

Worldwide, around 1.1 million people died

  • 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic H3N2

Around 1 million people died

  • HIV/AIDS pandemic (ongoing)

Since the 1980s, 75 million people have been infected with the human immunodeficiency virus and more than 32 million have died of HIV-related illnesses.

  • 2002-2003 SARS outbreak

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome comes from the coronavirus family. It sickened 8,098 people, 774 of whom died.

  • 2008-2009 the swine flu pandemic

On the swine flu pandemic died between 151,700 and 575,400 people.

  • 2012 MERS outbreak

Similar to SARS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a member of the coronavirus family of viruses. It was confirmed about 2,500 cases of MERS and 861 deaths.

  • 2014 Ebola epidemic

The fatality rate for Ebola is much higher than for influenza: In that outbreak alone, 11,308 people who contracted the virus died and it was so much as 39% of reported cases.

  • 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

Since the virus was first documented in Wuhan, China in December number of cases rise every day and You can follow actual numbers here:


*Remember that population in each country is different so check for number of deaths per 1 million people

More informations about those pandemics You can read here